Matchmaking for AREA collaboration

Content Production




To establish an attitude and create a storyline for the Sergio Rossi collaborations that carves its place in fashion culture. The objective was for Sergio Rossi to become the luxury heel brand that works as every women’s wardrobe cornerstone.


Sergio Rossi is a brand that’s all about heritage and craftsmanship but to us what actually feels most interesting is that it’s a brand that stands for femininity and sexiness. It’s a brand pushing boundaries in a time when femininity was defined through the male gaze. Femininity today sees women reclaiming the lens. What femininity looks like has become much more multifaceted, nuanced and interesting.


Today, when we talk about femininity against the background of a conversation around gender, neutrality, equality and inclusion, femininity almost feels like a dirty word, but actually gender inclusion doesn’t reject femininity it’s broadening the definition of femininity and making it more of an identity. It gives everybody access to explore it and embody it in a way that makes them feel sexy and empowered. Today being ‘feminine’ is associated with being independent, outspoken, strong, brave. For Everyone. Sergio Rossi was looking for a partner that delivered beauty and sexiness from unexpected and challenging spaces. For us, Area was the epitome of this mindset.