Content Production


Excited by our partnership around Saint Laurent’s SS20 collection, the iconic design house returned to entrust their latest FW22 collection into our hands - offering us the freedom to contextualize the beloved brand within the frames and faces that extend its legacy and manifest its form for the next generation of upscale consumers.


With Saint Laurent already perceived as desirable and luxurious, our focus was on expanding this halo for the next wave of luxury shoppers. We need to speak their language, show them the scenes they aspire to be in, and tap in with beloved personalities who can take the Saint Laurent brand beyond a visual moment and present a real brand world that audiences would be excited to envelop themselves within.


With an eye on Saint Laurent’s “second home” in Los Angeles, we wanted to craft a production that was uniquely contemporary while distinctly Saint Laurent. The result was “A Night at the Theater”, a campaign utilizing the city’s iconic theater spaces and marquees for a faux-film starring emerging skateboarder / model Lil Dre (/Dre Thebpanya). Not only did this let us build a real world that felt true to HS, our featured talent, and Saint Laurent, but also offered an opportunity to flex the real crossover between street and high fashion spaces.


The synergy amongst collaborators made “A Night at the Theater” a celebratory moment for everyone involved. With Saint Laurent being a goal in Lil Dre’s fashion career, he was excited to first tease the moment - showcasing the theater marquee and posters on his social media to first garner the excitement of young fashion and skate communities before unveiling the full presentation on our channels. As a result, Saint Laurent stepped into the contemporary cultures our fashion world crosses into with an authenticity that was well received by the community, while staying true to the style and visual of the fashion house.