Relaunching Oakley’s Re:SubZero in an imaginary future

Content Production


Strategic Partnership


Oakley approached us to create a campaign for the relaunch of their iconic silhouette Re:SubZero with the slogan “Let Nothing Weigh You Down.” The goal was to inspire people to do sports while showing the lightness of the design.


We wanted to capitalize on Oakley’s relevance to the fashion community while also maintaining a sporty look and feel. We also wanted to push the boundaries of a sport lookbook by connecting the concept of weightlessness to a greater sense of social freedom.


Together with a 3D studio, we created images showing our models running through an imaginary future city where freeways and streets have been replaced by runners and pedestrians. Our models were styled in bold colorful looks meant to represent a future where fashion and athleticism fuse into one.


The well-received campaign generated buzz around the drop of the Re:SubZero, with images being shared widely.