Exploring a new take on family for Don Julio

Content Production


As Don Julio looked to honor the late Don Julio Gonzalez, their “Por Amor” campaign celebrates the uninhibited love and obsession the founder poured into perfecting his signature spirits - from specialties concocted with the finest raw agave, to private crops exclusively saved for his friends and family. With “Por Amor”, our goal was to illuminate the brand as an expression of a labor of love.


Most notable from the Don Julio founder story is Gonzalez’s devotion to his craft and family - so we wanted to champion a contemporary creative who was developing their brand on these same pillars of quality and passion, but through a lens that would be uniquely modern and relatable to today’s consumer. Today’s communities span beyond bloodlines and parental ties, and deeper into the shared values and interests that truly make us alike - and this was the type of “family” story we wanted to build.


Exploring the world of Mexico City-born designer Victor Barragan, we visualized his creative process from inception and inspiration to exhaustion - stepping into his “mind” as he sculpts the concepts in his imagination into a reality he manifests into fashion that can be embraced by the friends and family in the queer and Latino communities that have quickly made his brand a rising icon.


With an immersive video exploration and film photography capturing intimate moments with our hero, our storytelling launch with Victor Barragan was met by audiences with open arms as our fashion community was excited to see such a trailblazing star featured in a branded moment that felt so true. Don Julio was welcomed into these circles with unsuspecting candor as a patron for artistic talent in all forms.