Amplifying and authenticating
The North Face and Gucci’s
first collaboration.

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When Gucci partnered with the North Face, the first challenge was to create a compelling narrative about why these two iconic brands from different corners of the fashion landscape were coming together.


We had to get to the heart of what each brand stands for within their space; with Gucci representing the peak of eccentricity within luxury and the North Face representing the peak of exploration. At the same time, we also saw how young people were spending more time outdoors and spending it in new and unusual ways.


We created a campaign platform called eccentric exploration which celebrates the niche and whimsical ways everyone can engage with the outdoors. This platform enabled us to spot real communities and individuals that bring this spirit to life; beginning with birdwatching and most recently train-spotting.


The North Face x Gucci collab became the most hyped collab of 2021. The 2022 campaign with Gen-Z trainspotter Francis Bourgeois became as followed as the product itself. But beyond the collaboration with the North Face, eccentric exploration has become a way for Gucci to have its own unique voice in a crowded landscape.